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Getting paranormal with Rose

When I was thinking about doing something fun and absolutely spooktacular on the blog for the month of October, I knew that I wanted to interview my best friend and share that with you. Rose Lucivero is one of the co-founders of NYSIP, a paranormal investigation group located in Long Island, NY. I will warn in advance that while no scary bits are contained in the following interview, you are going to glimpse a pretty typical Michelle-Rose conversation that is off the wall and yes, these are “inquiring minds want to know” questions that we would normally discuss.

Thanks for doing the interview! So to start with tell me a little bit about NYSIP?

New York Society Investigating the Paranormal (NYSIP) is a non-profit paranormal investigative group that my friend Liz and I founded. We currently have (6) members and now (2) trainee’s. What I find really cool is that my own mom is a part of our group as well. Should you wish to visit our web site, to really learn about us can do so at The method in which N.Y.S.I.P. goes about our paranormal investigations is from a scientific stand point. We do not use Ouija boards, hold séances, or occult-type methods, nor do we condone such ways to investigate. New York Society Investigating the Paranormal is dedicated in helping those who believe they are having paranormal activity. We are dedicated to providing proof that there is life after death and paranormal activity. N.Y.S.I.P. goes about our research and investigations from a scientific angle, so we are also able to debunk and prove to our clients that the issue they are having is not supernatural but credible. Regardless of our findings paranormal or non-paranormal N.Y.S.I.P. will attempt to suggest solutions for rectifying your trouble. New York Society Investigating the Paranormal consists of mature adults who take this subject very seriously and use state-of-the-art equipment to attain a scientific clarification for the events transpiring in your home.

What made you decide to get involved in the paranormal?

What made me become interested in the paranormal…or start a paranormal investigative group? It all goes back to my childhood. When I was six years old, I was woken up in the middle of the night by an extremely intense feeling of love, peace, and happiness. I looked to the side of the bed and there were my grandparents smiling down at me. (My grandma had passed many years prior to my being born, and my grandpa passed when I was eighteen months old.) They were solid, yet translucent, and smiling, I smiled back and reached my hand out to them, and they disappeared. The next morning I told my mom that ‘Grandma and Grandpa came to visit me in my room last night’ and proceeded to tell her exactly what happened. My mom, being a firm believer in life-after-death and having her own experiences throughout her life didn’t scoff or make me feel silly but confirmed what I knew. Of course my love for the paranormal was fueled as a child by Scooby Doo, and GhostBusters. The paranormal was always a part of my life. And I have had many personal experiences in my life with entities over the past ten years. The reason why I decided to form my own group (after being a part of a different one) was to help people not be afraid of the afterlife, and to educate them with what I know. To provide validation, or help them, or just listen to their stories.

Since I am a chicken it would all scare me, but what has been the scariest experience for you so far?

Thankfully I have not had one yet. *knock on wood*. Like I tell everyone I meet who is interested in the paranormal, especially paranormal investigating…that with the good spirits there are also bad. I had been on one investigation where I was touched without giving my permission…and I was annoyed. I was on a different one where I felt something…and it was a very dominant energy. I wanted out of that area very badly, to the point where I would not look where I felt it to be. Was it a demon or an evil energy? I don’t think so. I just think it wanted me to know it was there. But it wasn’t a very comfortable feeling for me.

Where is the one place that you want to do an investigation at?

Oh man, that’s a hard question. I have been to some really cool and famous places. I would love to go to Eastern State Penitentiary as Al Capone had been an inmate there, and he was haunted when he was incarcerated there. I had done a piece on the St. Valentine Day Massacre which led me to this information. I’d love to check out some places in Europe…especially Ireland or Scotland. The Stanley in Colorado is another intriguing place…and going back to my roots, The Winchester House in CA. I would really love to be allowed to do an overnight there.

How does one become a paranormal investigator?

Without a doubt, do not dabble in it. Read up on it as much as possible to learn what you are truly getting in to. Try and find an established group which is willing to train a new-comer to investigate the proper way: i.e. never on your own, do not use an Ouija board or occult-type methods to investigate. Because you never know who/what you’re dealing with when you open the door that way. To start out, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in your equipment, a digital camera, digital or analog voice recorder, and an EMF detector (Electro-Magnetic Field) is all you really need. If you do have a camcorder and want to us that too, that’s a plus.

So, what do you have coming up? Any big investigations?

Oh hell yeah! It’s funny because it felt like getting NYSIP off the ground was such a slow process. Now we have several big things within the next few months. New York Society Investigating the Paranormal has been contracted to participate and document an investigation at Gelston Castle, in Mohawk Valley, NY. This place is so steeped in history, what with American presidents being buried there, Russian musicians having resided there and of course some restless spirits. That will be later this month…and will probably be at least a six-month project. In November we will host our own paranormal investigation event in Napanoch, NY at the famous and famously haunted Shanley Hotel. Then in the spring of 2011 we’re heading to PA for an investigation of Hill View Manor. Both the Shanley and Hill View investigations are open to the public…and you can sign up via our web site.

Okay, now to get down to the more bizarre...okay, typical Michelle-Rose conversation questions. Do you really think the world is ready for these kinds of questions and answers? Seriously? Seriously. Hey, if they aren't then they are about to find out that we are, in fact, a little keee-razy!

What has been your favorite Halloween costume? It is both sad and awesome to admit that my favorite Halloween costume I had dressed up as was Wonder Woman, and I was three years old.

I can totally see it!
What are you planning to dress up as this year? (I want you to dress up as a Ghostbuster! I think it would be badass!)

LMAO! If I could convince some of my group to dress up as the GB team, I totally would. Normally I am a vampire, as I have my custom fangs. However this year I am going a totally different route….and will be a babe from the 1940’s.

I know that vampires are your weakness...who are your top 5 sexiest

Vampires? Oh geez! This is another hard one. In no particular order: (1) Eric Northman from TrueBlood (Alexander Skarsgård), (2) Bill Compton from TrueBlood (Stephen Moyer), (3) Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (James Marsters), (4) Stefan Salvatore of Vampire Diaries (Paul Wesley), and (5) Damon Salvatore of Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder.) *HOWEVER* I reserve the right to replace one of the aforementioned vampires (should I wish) with Jerry Dandridge from Fright Night….as Colin Farrell will be playing him in the remake.

Hot vampires! For those that do not know, Rose is the one that got me hooked on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and I have a life long love of Spike! So tell me, do you know how to do the Monster Mash?

I know the words to it. Is there an actual Monster Mash dance? Can you do the Monster Mash?

Ha!! As this will show, yes, yes, I can do the Monster Mash!
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What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

I don’t care what anyone says. The absolute scariest horror movie in my opinion is ‘The Exorcist’. I could not sleep for a month after seeing that. And the first time I ever did see it was on its anniversary release.

What movie has supposed to have been scary but you found rather humorous?

Probably ‘Saw’ because it was so predictable. Or ‘Paranormal Activity’ because I just wanted to beat the crap out of the dude in it. I mean really….the psychic is telling you to leave…and you think you know more than him? C’mon.

The Mummy or Frankenstein? Who's hotter? ;)

Wait….this is a trick question. Boris Karloff played both the Mummy and Frankenstein! Or do you mean who’s hotter- Boris Karloff or Arnold Vosloo as ‘The Mummy? Because then I’d have to go with Arnold Vosloo. BUT…if you simply mean who’s hotter- Mummy or Frankenstein……then I hate to say it, but I’d have to go with Frankenstein. See, like I said…trick question!

You can't go wrong with Arnold Vosloo in the Mummy! Could you kick a zombie's ass or would you be a quick casualty?

Sadly, I must freely admit, that I would without a doubt be zombie food. Zombies are scary!

Thank you Michelle for asking me to be part of this blog interview! It was both an honor, and fun.
I love you…….

If you have any questions or are just curious and want more information about what Rose and her team do, please visit their website , join the Facebook, or leave a comment here and I will pass your request on to the crew over at NYSIP

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