Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh the thinks I think...

  • Does anyone else watch 24? Holy cow! Last week had me devastated...this week I'm loving vengeance seeking Jack Bauer!!
  • Someone explain to me why when it is obviously stifling hot that my ignorant little kitty thinks that is the perfect time to snuggle? The last thing I want is his fur heated body against me when I'm hot, but he thinks it is perfect.
  • I have been looking over food blogs. It makes me feel like I can cook anything...even if I haven't really cooked anything that I have seen recipes for.
  • Short work week for me. I'm heading off to CA for a FAST trip on Thursday when I get off work. I'm going to LA to stay with my cousin, Selena, and my sweet friends, Kent and Minae, are going to take me to the set of "General Hospital". I went to the set 2 years ago, but it was dark (they weren't filming) but the crew had permission to turn the lights on so we could play on the set.

(I come home on Saturday...see? Fast trip!)

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