Monday, April 26, 2010

Just another Manic Monday!

I got up this morning and sat there debating if I wanted to call out from work. Yeah, you guessed it -- I went to work anyway. After a stop at Jamba Juice for a peach pleasure smoothie. It helped me make it through the day.

I still need to recap my vacation to California and a fun filled day on the set of "General Hospital" with my sweet friends, Kent and Minae, but I have to be in the recap mood and it isn't here yet. Instead I am going to blog about having one of *those* conversations where it is such an emotional moment, but it also inspires at the same time. I love having fun and laughing but I also really like having those soul talks where you are completely open and you end up having one of those great big "a-ha" moments. There was a lot of talk about life and love, future plans and dreams. A lot of thoughts were laid out before me and a lot of thoughts came into my head the whole drive home as things just kept coming to mind. One of the challenges put before me was to blog openly from the heart. I'm a very private person (yes, I know that will shock some people) and I don't really like having all my thoughts and words out there for the masses to read. It isn't that there is anything wrong with them, but when I write it leaves me vulnerable if it is public. But that in itself is the challenge -- growing comfortable with myself to write and post substantial blog entries that no matter how raw they are are public. I am toying with the thought of a new blog for that challenge. It wouldn't be associated or linked to this one, but it would be public and out there. But at the moment, it is still just a thought on how I am going to proceed.

Also a good friend of mine just launched her very first website, full of positivity and passion for life. Please feel free to check it out and support Tricia in her journey. Nothing Left Undone. Tonight was the online launch party and it is off to a good start, full of lively conversation.

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