Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looks are deceiving...(Tyson Tuesday)

Don't let his sweet look fool you. Tyson is 110% attitude and he really is not a fan of people. My poor niece, Michaela, found out today that not only does Tyson not like people, he really doesn't like children in particular. I think they are a little too hyper for him and it freaks him out. Mike (her dad) has always been able to handle Tyson and used to call him "Fat Man", which would have Tyson running to him. This gets to Michaela as she really wants pet him. So Mike told her to go ahead and pet him today, let him sniff her. Yep...that went over well. I hear that Tyson lit into her.

Tyson's firm motto is "Look, but don't touch."

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