Friday, April 2, 2010

Food Revolution!

Are you watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution?

If not, you should! It is so eye opening. Tonight is the official 2nd week (though there was a sneak peek of the first episode 3 weeks ago) and it is incredible to witness. I definitely don't think I can touch chicken nuggets again after watching them be made last week. But it makes me think about the food that I am eating. I have struggled with weight my entire life and I am both a bored eater and a comfort eater, leaning more to a bored eater as I tend to put something in my mouth when I am bored. Since watching the Food Revolution I have found myself eating more fruits and vegetables and I haven't ate fast food. It is a kick in the pants, open your eyes awakening that was needed.

Check out Jamie's website for information on the food revolution that he is bringing to the US and give the show a chance, watch it with an open mind. You will be astounded by what you see.

1 comment:

Lesli said...

He stopped me from eating pizza for breakfast yesterday. He just makes you so aware!

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