Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Review and some babbling.

Does anyone else read Nancy Martin? She writes the charming Blackbird Sisters Mysteries, that I love with all their quirky characters. She started a new series, "Our Lady of Immaculate Deception" that features the step-sister of Mick Abruzzo from the Blackbird mysteries. The book sounded interesting so, of course, I bought it. (I really need to consider a library card...I spend a lot of money on books.)

The lead character, Roxy, is what you would define as a "tough broad" but she is not overly likable. The characters all have that Nancy Martin stamp of quirkiness, but I think the Blackbird Sisters were more enjoyable. The supporting characters - the dumb but loyal sidekick (Nooch), the dog (Rooney), the mystery man from her past (Flynn), daughter Sage, and aunt Loretta are more likable and I found myself wishing I was reading more about them than Roxy. The character is left with a desperate feeling to her. I am loyal to the writers I like so will most likely read the next book that comes in the series, but I may find myself waiting for paperback...or when I finally get that library card.

As I love reading so much I decided I needed to try to keep up with my Goodreads account and document the reading and the reviews of what I am reading. You can find me here: Michelle's Goodreads account. Friend me if you are on there, I am always checking out what the friends are reading as well. :)

One of my goals for the year has been to try different types of food when I go out to restaurants. Anywhere from different nationalities to just something that I had never tried before or is not something that I would normally try. Tina and I have been trying to do different restaurants when we go out, with my favorite so far being the delicious sushi from Zen 32 a couple of weeks back. (They make this delicious salad to start you out that is made of zucchini, carrots, and seaweed that is in a vinegar dressing....YUM!) But with that in mind, I decided to sign up for Yelp and do reviews there of the places that I eat out at. And you can find me here:
Michelle's Yelp account. There are no reviews on there just yet, but there will be shortly!

And how was your weekend? :)

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