Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tyson Tuesday!

Before I get on with the cuteness that is my boy, I need someone to explain to me WHY lotion has to cost so much? Argh!

Anyway, Lesli took her beautiful boy, Baxter, in this weekend for a lion cut. (Hair on head left there, body shaved down, ball on tail.) When I saw the adorable pictures all I thought was I wonder how Tyson would look. And then I laughed hysterically. First off, he would never forgive me. Second, he is a fat cat...he would look like a pig in a cat's body. Hmmmm....

Anyway, on to my Tyson. He loves my snuggie almost as much as I love my snuggie. (This is one of two snuggies, yes I am a two snuggie home! One is pink, this one is my Jedi Knight red one.)

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