Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sushi and Scooby!

I had sushi for the first time last year in CA. My friend, Mala, and I had gone to California on vacation and Mala had wanted to try this restaurant that cooks everything in garlic (The Stinking Rose). My cousin, Selena, told Mala that she had to either eat the garlic ice cream or consent to sushi for dinner the next night. Garlic ice cream just sounds disgusting so it was agreed that we would do sushi. Selena chose the restaurant (Geisha House) and it was definitely an experience. Unlike Angelina, who had joined us for the day, I didn't hate it, but I hadn't gotten around to going out for sushi again. So enter 2010 and Tina and I decided we were going to have various culinary experiences this year. Tonight it was decided to be a sushi night since Tina's daughter was on a sleepover.

Zen 32 was the choice. We got there about 6PM on a Saturday and due to the slight breeze blowing crud around in the air, decided to eat indoors to save me from sneezing and wheezing through dinner. We definitely came at a good time as there wasn't that many people there, as opposed to when we left and it was filling up rapidly. They give you a menu with a pen and you go through and mark what it is you want to eat, we decided on a shrimp roll plate and a California roll plate with a side of pot stickers. They offer a delicious salad that has seaweed, cucumbers, and carrots soaked in vinegar. The pot stickers were pretty good as well, though I don't know if I would order them again if we went back. The sushi rolls were delicious! I'm not a fan of hot or spicy as most know so I mixed very little of the fresh wasabi in my soy sauce, but it was still sinus clearing. (And they offer fresh ginger but that is just nasty to me.) The wait staff was excellent, constantly there to make sure we had plenty of water (they only offer coffee, tea, alcohol, and water) and to see if we wanted another round of sushi started. And they are fast! We had our food within about 15 minutes of getting there. I have definite plans to go back!

Across the street is The Gelato Spot so we decided to pop in there and grab some gelato and go back to Tina's house. I had the key lime and cheesechake flavors. Oh my! We also had a piece of red velvet cake that was just okay, not anything that I would order again.

We ended the night with the gelato and some Scooby-Doo on the TV before I headed home. Now I'm watching "Independence Day" and trying to decide what book to read. (I started "Dear John" but am struggling with it...)

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