Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tyson Tuesday

Sweet kitty face

Sweet kitty paw!

Last night was no sweet kitty! I got hot so I opened the window. This resulted in a happy Tyson jumping up in the window sill. After about 20 minutes of me telling him to stop shuffling around in the blinds, I dozed off. I woke up maybe an hour later to the most horrendous noise. Tyson has this God awful meow that is a deep, rumbling meow and it makes you want to flick him in the head when you hear it. There he was laying in the window, yowling. His problem? It was raining, he was getting wet but he refused to leave his spot on the window. After shutting the window, I had to deal with his anger as he stalked up and down the bed, flicking me with his tail.

Sometimes I question my reasons for loving him.

(Oh yeah, sweet kitty face, sweet kitty paws!)


Lesli said...

sweet kitty paw!!

Michelle said...

I love his little heart shaped pad.

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