Monday, March 22, 2010

At last, an update!!

Things have been a little chaotic the last couple of weeks. I would think every day that I was going to go home and update, but alas that rarely happened.

What’s been up, you ask?

  • My dad had surgery last week on his back. Thankfully he is home now and doing good, walking with the aid of a walker but that will go away with time. The hospital he was at was on the other side of town, however. And while I didn’t spend anywhere near as much time over there as my mom, Jeremy, and Liz, it was still a trek and for some reason just the traffic alone was exhausting.
  • Liz was in town for two weeks with my adorable niece, Kayleigh. I already miss Kayleigh and her adorable “meow” when she would see my cranky boy come around. Tyson was a bit put out with additional bodies in the house, but he has developed the worst habit of begging so he had to make sure he kept himself in close proximity during meal times.
  • While Liz was here we had Kayleigh's birthday party so those of us in AZ could celebrate with her.

  • As it is Spring and I think there is a group of plants/flowers/trees that are conspiring to kill me, I have been suffering from the sinus issues. Head is in a foggy fishbowl, eyes water frequently, nose runs, migraines visit. Ridiculous.
  • I have taken in some cinema, of course. Liz and I went to a sneak peek of “She’s out of my league” the week before it opened. Quirky comedy, cute cast. I don’t know if I would have paid to go see it, but it was free so I enjoyed the night. “Alice in Wonderland” was fabulous! The colors! The imagery! Johnny Depp! All of it…fabulous!! Tim Burton’s vision is usually a bit out there, usually way too out there for me, but this time I really enjoyed it. (Except I think the White Rabbit and the March Hare were ugly!) And I just went to “The Bounty Hunter” yesterday. Oh I love Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston! I wanted so much to love this movie as well. Unfortunately I can’t say that. It was silly…I had moments of utter boredom…and the script just wasn’t the best for them. They have great chemistry together, though.
  • I had a promising job interview that went belly was rather depressing to say the least. Followed by the next day hearing that the other position that I was up for was not going to be filled for a couple of months. Pffft!
That’s been about it…things were just busy and I kept running out of time. But I’m back, baby!! (And hold your horses, I have another post that should be up tonight as well! ::gasps::)


Lesli said...

the trees are trying to kill me, too--ha ha! Or no, maybe it is snow mold. I recently learned there is such a thing. That is more likely in Minnesota than the trees & plants conspiring to kill me.

Michelle said...

Whaaat? There is snow mold? Interesting!! I have to investigate that. (It is gross, thus it fascinates me.)

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