Saturday, May 30, 2009

Total fluff!

I'm a big fan of trying new products and this is your total fluff filled post from me for the day. These are the products that I have tried over the last couple of weeks and I am in love with them!!

Dove ultimate go fresh deodorant in the cucumber/green tea variety is amazing!! I'm really picky about what scent my deodorant is and this...this is the best! Big fan!

They also have a moisturizing lotion soap bar, that I am loving as well! The shower smells delicious! The cucumber/green tea combo added with the next one:

Nivea makes awesome lotion. They have this new line of "Touch of..." body washes and I bought the Touch of Happiness (orange blossom scent & bamboo essence). It is amazing! I love it!! The smell is pure happiness!

I am a big, big fan of Burt's Bees lips balms, but I decided to give Blistex's new line a little whirl. The Raspberry Lemonade Blast is amazing. Totally keeps your lips moisturized, unless you get this urge to nibble your lips off because they taste like, well, raspberry lemonade.

My favorite bottled water is either Fiji or Dasani. I love that Dasani now has this lightly flavored water. I don't care for the kiwi-strawberry or the lime flavors, but black cherry is perfect! (I'm also a big fan of the vitamin water, particularly XXX.)

I have a weakness for gum lately. I chew it when I get stressed out and I definitely spent the first 6 weeks at the new job stressed out, chewing gum like crazy. Orbit Mist is my fave! I have tried all of the flavors and definitely think that Peppermint Spray is the best!

The only bad thing that I have tried is Colgate Wisp.

I think it leaves a nasty after taste in your mouth and the no water/no rinsing your mouth needed directions don't work for me.

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