Monday, May 25, 2009

A little recap of the last week....

Done in as short amount of typing as possible!

Work is work. Really not much more that can be said about that. Other than I did go out to lunch with a couple of girls from my team the other day. That was an odd development as one doesn't usually talk to me. We went to a Chinese buffet, which this one is my absolute (and only that I can think of) favorite because they make the BEST crab puffs.

Jeremy kept the family entertained with the tale of getting chased by a deer while in South Carolina. He is always good for a laugh! He is home, by the way, because he needed to handle a personal matter. He got home on Sunday.

I took Molly to PetsMart on Friday after work. Yep, that was a joke. She hates my car, I think it is because it is low to the ground, but she pouted the whole way there.

Once we got there, she was excited to greet a couple of boxer puppies in the parking lot, but entering the store was a different story. She promptly pooped. How embarrassing. I know it happens all the time, but oy! She got a stuffed dog because yeah, yeah, I spoil her. Which she has learned to squeak for herself:

I went shopping Friday night with my mom...I need to find a birthday present for Rose, as she is here for her b-day...and then we went to dinner at Cracker Barrel, then home.

Saturday I took in a movie ("Terminator Salvation") and read some. Nothing too thrilling for a Saturday...

Sunday...oh what a day. I went to the movies in the morning ("Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian") and then came home, checked stuff on line and then sat down on the bed to watch VH-1's 100 Greatest songs of the 80's....promptly fell asleep.

My day got "interesting" when my mom called to tell me to get downstairs, someone had hit my car that was parked on the street in front of the house! Oy!!! OY!!! There was a note left, but Ms. Jennifer Taylor doesn't seem to want to answer her phone! (Of course, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and saying she may have been heading out of town for the holiday when she hit it.)

Jeremy doesn't think it is too bad...he says it is possible it pops back together. It is drivable and I will keep trying this lady for a couple of days before having to suck it up and pay the deductible myself. That was a big downer for the rest of the day!

Today...I have been a lazy bum! I finished reading Jen Lancaster's hilarious book, "Pretty in Plaid" and have started to read Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons". I have flipped between the "Planet Earth" marathon on Animal Planet and my favorite, "Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back. Spent some time on the computer (duh) and am texting with my friend, Connie. Eventually we are going to be having some BBQ and ending the night on a high note, hopefully.

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