Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels & Demons

I'm going to admit something that is pretty rare, it appears. Here we go...I am not a fan of Tom Hanks. Oh sure, I loved his quirky comedies in the past, but there hasn't been much in probably the last ten years that I have overall enjoyed of his. (And I'm not counting the voice of Woody in "Toy Story".) I am not saying he isn't a phenomenal actor, I just am not a fan.

I also did not see "The DaVinci Code", but as this was a prequel and everyone had assured me I wouldn't need the first movie, I went off to "Angels & Demons" today with a friend.

The basic gist of the movie is as follows - Symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned to the Vatican to help decipher a threat from a secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati. Many twists and turns involving kidnapped Cardinals, the journey to finding a new Pope, a search for a stolen chemical antimatter that could destroy Rome, and many questions that have no true answer.

The review that came out was that this was the most boring action packed movie in recent years. I kind of have to agree with that. There was a lot of action and it was interesting to hear the history of the Illuminati and what they fought for and how the Catholic church reacted. But at the same time, I shifted around in my seat a lot, consulted the cell phone to check the time a couple of times, and found it to be a lot of talking. I don't regret seeing it, but I do think you need to go into this movie with patience about you. For as action packed as it was, and it was always moving, that action has a lot of chatter in it that you need to listen to.

I think I'm going to read the book, as I heard that it is at least ten times better than the movie is.

I say maybe 3 1/2 stars.

(I'm playing with an entertainment movie reviews, book reviews, etc on it and will start posting these over there instead, if you are interested in ever seeing my thoughts... Fandomly Speaking.)

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