Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just the facts, ma'am!

I did one of those "How well do you know Michelle" quizzes over on Facebook and after one of my dearest friends only got a 60% I decided maybe I need to post some inside info on me for everyone.

1 - My name is Michelle, but for some reason everyone has taken to calling me Michy. Maybe it is because I know so many Michelle's.
2 - My siblings, nieces, and nephews call me Chelle.
3 - I answer to any of the three.
4 - My birthday is August 9th, no year attached.
5 - This means I am 100% Leo.
6 - I'm an Air Force brat.
7 - I think that is where I get my love of travel and my constant desire to uproot and move. (Even if I don't actually move, woe is me!)
8 - We lived in Incirlik, Turkey while I was in high school. I consider that my high school, not the one in Arizona.
9 - I also had/have no interest in keeping in touch with anyone from high school in Arizona.
10 - I have only lived in Arizona, Utah, Texas, Washington, and Idaho in the United States.
11 - This makes me very sad as I want to add more states, more scenery to that list.
12 - I have always wanted to live in Southern California.
13 - Though I think it is more the perfect vacation place for me as I love going there.
14 - I went to travel school the last time I lived in Idaho.
15 - This got me a job with Princess Cruises in Washington.
16 - I have much love for how green and beautiful Washington is, but it is too dreary for me to want to live there.
17 - I lived with my friend, Tina, while I was in Washington. Her mother gave me a cat for Christmas and then sold it at a yard sale for $1.00 a couple months later.
18 - I worked as a day care teacher for a few years.
19 - As much as I loved it, I don't want children of my own.
20 - I also worked at an answering service for a few years.
21 - The last answering service building was in an old 1-900 phone sex office. It looked like the Flintstones house on stilts.
22 - From there I went to work at American Express, this job sucked!
23 - I had the same dream consistently for the 19 months that I worked there of the elevator falling or going sideways instead of up and down.
24 - I went to work at a cabinet company after that, followed by a fencing company, then a home building company.
25 - Now I work for a company that does a lot of large scale/government/nuclear construction.
26 - My favorite color is purple.
27 - My favorite past time is going to the movies.
28 - I love "General Hospital".
29 - I have met most of the cast of the show and love going to the annual fan club weekend for the show.
30 - I work with a couple of the ladies from the show & think they are amazing -- Kent King, Lisa LoCicero, and Carolyn Hennesy.
31 - "Sex and the City" is my favorite show to watch in reruns.
32 - I am scared of clowns.
33 - I am also scared of open bodies of water...and do not know how to swim. It causes me to black out.
34 - I also get the heebie jeebies over rodents, insects, and reptiles. Gross!!
35 - I always wanted to own a horse farm until I realized I just love being around & watching horses, not riding them.
36 - I have a cat...Tyson is the biggest brat you will ever meet.
37 - The "Star Wars" trilogy and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy are my favorite movies.
38 - "Grease" is my favorite musical. Though I love most musicals.
39 - Olivia Newton-John was my favorite singer growing up.
40 - I wanted to be her, except well...I can't sing!
41 - I'm a bonafide book worm! I love reading, always have my nose in a book.
42 - I am also an internet addict. I love this little computer!
43 - Photography is one of my favorite past times and I want to take some photography classes to get better at it.
44 - I have seen Rick Springfield in concert an embarrassing amount of times and will continue to see him every time he comes here if I can.
45 - I love New Kids on the Block. There I said it, I admitted it.
46 - The sight of blood makes me queasy.
47 - I have struggled with weight my entire life and am still fighting it.
48 - I have three beautiful nieces and a very handsome nephew that I love to spoil.
49 - I collect Hello Kitty. She is adorable! <3
50 - The one place I want to go before I die is Egypt. I want to touch the pyramids.

Just a little insight into me. :)


Lesli said...

These were great! I knew you loved General Hospital and on the quiz I GUESSED that you worked at Princess Cruise Lines & I just happened to get that right.

I love Southern California & Hello Kitty as well as Rick Springfield.

What do you mean the cat was sold at a yard sale for $1.00???!! You sold the cat or your friend's mom sold the cat? Confused!!

Loved this informative post!

Michelle said...

Ha-ha! Well Tina's mother is quite...special. She gave me this cat for Christmas and then in March, she got mad over something and sold my cat at a yard sale for $1.00.

She sold my cat and kept the buck. Sad, sad! Cutest little gray kitty with long fluffy hair.

Lesli said...

Oh, no, that is horrible. Way worse than when my mom was mad at me and sold my bicycle at a garage sale!!

Michelle said...

Oh no!!!
That is just as horrible!!
Did she at least give you the money made?

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