Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Random is as random does.

Oh let’s see…how about some random things for today!

First off, I am moving!!! Into an apartment on May 1st. I can’t wait! I’ve been shopping like a lunatic for a couple of months now to get everything I need. Now I just find myself buying the more frivolous things instead of the can opener, toaster, and lamps that I need. I put the deposit down yesterday and am now in full on “I need to get organized’ panic. Pictures will come soon!

Speaking of pictures, my computer crashed on Sunday. In the process of said crash I lost everything on there. Including all music files and about six months worth of pictures that I hadn’t saved. Sad thing is I lectured my dad just recently on doing just that. Yet I kept telling myself “later, later”. Now it is too late. I was a sad panda, man! It sucked. That will teach me, however.

My friend, Brenda, is in town this weekend to attend some Spring Training games. Hopefully I will get to see her one of the nights she is in town. *fingers crossed* I haven’t even attended any Spring Training yet this year and it ends on Sunday. Pffft, where did that month go? I kept thinking I had a little time to worry about it.

“The Hunger Games” – have you seen it yet? Have you read the books? The book is, of course, better. But the movie is all sorts of amazing and definitely worth taking in a showing of! I am firmly in the Team Gale side of life, just because I think Peeta is kind of a wuss. But it is really all about Lenny Kravitz and the gold eye shadow and guy liner. HOT!!!

This Sunday, April 1st, is the return of Game of Thrones. THAT is what I have been anxiously waiting for. If you haven’t seen the show, please do yourself a favor and give it a try! HBO is free this weekend in anticipation of huge numbers for the premiere and this season is going to be good! The casting is excellent, the setting is phenomenal, and it is just an intense ride. (And don’t taunt me with the fact you get to watch it while I’m at work during the day, Marika!!!)


Natalie Aaron said...

My random responses:

Can't wait for you to move! New DVR!

Computer crash - that is just horrible. So sorry. That happened to me too once. Someone helped me transfer all of the music from my iPod back to computer but that was all that was recovered. We need to create a backup system!

Hunger Games - liked movie - didn't love. Here's an article about what was left out and how it hurt it. I agreed with a lot of it!

Lastly - Game of Thrones. I am so excited. I just want to fast forward to Sunday...

Michelle said...

I agree with everything that they point out in that article about Hunger Games. However I really enjoyed the movie for what it was. I had to shut my brain off and not dwell on the book. (This isn't Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson isn't involved, since he would have made sure all details were thought out. ;) Why yes, I just fangirled the great Peter Jackson!)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!! Bring on the direwolves and dragons! (And filthy Kingslayer sitting on a dungeon floor. Hi, Jaime, hi!)

Anonymous said...

who do you have your music for ... because a great deal of crying got me a whole lot of help from itunes.

Oh yes, I will torment you, thats what fighting Imps do.

Michelle said...

I had music from a variety of sources. Some itunes, some Amazon, some various things that people sent to me. Six years worth of music. Booo!!!!

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