Wednesday, March 7, 2012

MARCHing on

It is hard to believe that it is March 7th already! How did that happen? This year has definitely started off with a bang. Unfortunately, for quite a few people in my life it has also led into 2012 with job loss, illness, and heartbreaking deaths. Makes me all the more thankful for the job that I have and the fantastic people in my life.

March is stacking up to be a busy one! Today, if I convince myself it won't be chaos, at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall is the Hunger Games Mall Tour stop. I did finally read "The Hunger Games" and it was such a good book (I've only read the first one). I would love to stop in at the mall tour just to see Liam Hemsworth. He isn't as hot as big brother Chris "Thor" Hemsworth, but he is cute in that boy toy kind of way. However, I have a feeling that the mall tour is going to be reminiscent to the 90210 mall tours of the 90's when there were riots and the talent had to be rushed right back out the door.

Friday is Jen Lancaster's book signing for the paperback release of "If you were here". Very excited for that and hoping that my mom will be able to join me for another fun night of Jen's exploits.

My Uncle Ron and Aunt Faye will be here this weekend.

On Thursday (the 15th) I'm leaving work at 11AM and heading over to California to attend Wonder Con with Angelina, Desi, and thousands of geeks. I'm excited to see my girls, Alexander Skarsgard (Eric, True Blood), and the Once Upon A Time panel on Sunday. I'm also excited to see my friend's Brenda and Kent...and to meet the fabulous Natalie! Plus, anytime to get a break from work is a good time, right?

The end of the month Brenda will be here to attend some Spring Training games so I'll get to see her at some point.

Also the Phoenix Film Festival is taking place and I have passes for the showing of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new series.

In between all this, I definitely need to take time to read some, see some fabulous cinema, and just have a good time with friends.

We are also moving at work. April 5th is our final day in this building. This past weekend they moved the Telecommunications team out and our section of the third floor is pretty barren. I took a picture, which prompted some hilarious comments from Jen Tucker, Heather Hummel, and Jazz.

From roller rink to water balloon fight to turtle racing, they kept me laughing the morning away at work. I always thought with the cubicles there we could have an awesome game of hide-and-seek. Now I think we should be able to have chair races. (We were warned, by management no less, to stay off the hand carts that are all lined up against the wall. Pfffft!)


Anonymous said...

I on the other hand will be living vicariously through you

Leslie said...

I hope you have a fab time at Wonder Con!! Were you guys able to get Comic Con tix? I heard it was a zoo! xoxoxo

Michelle said...

Leslie - I didn't even attempt to get tickets for Comic Con. Mindy only got tickets for Sunday, it sold out completely within an hour.

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