Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Six!

1. So many are doing "challenges" on their blogs and I want to do them all but I don't know if I could keep up. A couple of cousins are doing a 30 Day challenge, a friend is doing a 30 day music challenge, one is doing a 30 day photo challenge, and one is doing a 30 day TV challenge. Too many choices!! :)

2. I ended up at Urgent Care this week due to a sinus infection. The lymph nodes in my neck were swollen and I did the stupid - self diagnosed myself on WebMD. (For future reference, every thing that is wrong with you on WebMD leads to a brain tumor.) Anyway, there were enough serious problems that it listed could be the problem for the swelling in my neck that it sent me scurrying to Urgent Care. Sinus Infection/swollen lymph nodes and some pretty dang expensive medication later, I'm on the mend. Unfortunately, the combo of meds leave me completely wiped out and I just want to sleep. (Of course, I also have insomnia so I am always in some state of exhausted.)

3. Tyson is on strike from his Friskie's cat food. *sighs* I have been giving him soft cat food as he will literally starve himself, but it is not good for him. Dang finicky cat gives Morris (remember him?) a run for his money.

4. The weather is already getting warm. I have the window open in my room all night now. Boo! It is only March, it doesn't need to be getting warm already!

5. The news from Japan is still devastating!!! So many prayers for the people over there as they just can not catch a break!

6. I read the cutest book for the Chick Lit Plus 2011 Challenge. It is by Teresa Medeiros and is called Goodnight Tweetheart. It is done almost entirely in tweets between the two main characters of the book and I really loved it. (Review coming tomorrow.) I am willing to "read-it-forward" and pass it on, if you want to read it leave a comment and I will send it on. :)


Liz said...

Ohh I wanna read it!

And yes WebMD always leads to a brain tumor..or a tumor elsewhere lol. I am pretty sure I am a dr.. I may not play one on tv, but at home, I am a great dr!! And WebMD has helped me with this. lol

Michelle said...

I will stick it in the mail to ya! :)

Doc Liz, you know that all illnesses are tumors! :)

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