Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Five

1. I don’t know why it just hit me but I have three big birthdays this month: My gorgeous niece, Kayleigh, turns four. My darling sweet friend, Leslie, celebrates at the end of the month. And my lovely friend, Shelley, celebrates a couple of days before Leslie.

2. It’s been a long week! Sinuses/allergies are going crazy with the nice weather, which means the trees have some blooming going on and my face is feeling it. I have been so run down all week and just look forward to getting some quality sleep in this weekend. I would feel bad that it was gearing up to be a lazy bones weekend but I need a serious recharging of the batteries happening.

3. They announced the cast for the 12th season of “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday. I’m very sad to say that I will be sucked into watching because the fabulous Hines Ward, wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, will be participating.

4. As you all have undoubtedly heard by now, through my geektastic squee’ing, I’m going to Comic Con in San Diego in July. (With my girls Rose, Jazz, and Lisa and will be meeting up with Leslie there.) There are quite a few authors (sci-fi/horror genre) and comic book illustrators attending. I’m so excited that I saw Patrick McDonnell is one of them! I love the Mutts comics! (Next to Calvin & Hobbes, they are my fave.)

5. Writer’s/Blogger’s Block has been eating my brains lately. I need to find some inspiration soon.

So what is up with you, my chickadees? What big and exciting plans do you have coming up?

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Yay for birthdays!!! xoxoxoxo to you my sweet!

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