Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it April yet?

This has been a trying month and I'm more than ready to tell March good-bye for the year. Forgive me ahead of time, this isn't a fun post.

My job is driving me nuts. One of my co-workers calls out or has appointments frequently. And I do mean frequently. She hasn't worked 40 hours since October and due to her yelling discrimination and going to HR, nothing is done when she has to leave early or can't come in. Unfortunately, we are at a busy time of the year and the work keeps piling up. Mandatory overtime gets enforced and since co-worker isn't there, I am the one that is working it. I am working overtime to make up her hours. And while the money is nice, I don't necessarily want to have to work the overtime.

When I got sick two weeks ago, the co-worker had conveniently taken the day off. I had to go to Urgent Care with the direction that I needed to come back. And mandatory overtime was enforced, making me stay late. I was sick and had to stay late. I was a tad bit frustrated.

And I am looking for another job, which is a whole other source of massive frustration. Send me some good vibes, folks, I need another job before I go mental up in that joint.

But what happened Monday pales in comparison to my job woes. A high school classmate from Turkey passed away. Vince was career Navy and was currently deployed. His death is under investigation and that is all that is being released, other than it was a non-combat death. And while his family and friends mourned him, I saw the ugly side of human nature come out. Massive speculation on what happened, harassing his family (including young daughter) for information, and unnecessary gossip. How he died does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Someone passed away and left behind a grieving family and that is what matters. Vince and I were casual friends,he arrived in Turkey the year we left. I remember him but truly have no strong memories of him. My best friend, however, was very close with him and I had to tell her this morning...very hard to do. The moral of this story is our military needs our support. They are not only over in foreign countries fighting for freedom but they are separated from their families for extended periods of time. While our lives go on, their personal lives are suspended in time, waiting to come home. These brave men and women need to know that we support them.

Overall, a very disappointing month, this March is. I'm ready to greet April Fools!

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Lesli said...

Sending you good vibes for April and a fabulous new job. Sorry about your friend from Turkey. I am not thinking too highly of 2011 so far!

2011 prove me wrong!

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