Sunday, December 20, 2009

A potpourri of things.

I have a cold still! Oh it is aggravating as can be! Tylenol Cold & Flu is my friend and what I have found works the best for me. Hopefully my voice doesn't go completely.

"National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" and "Elf" have been aired multiple times this weekend...I've watched them both multiple times already. Now to just take in the multiple viewings of "A Christmas Story" as it is the only one left that I haven't seen. (And I do leave my TV on all night Christmas Eve with it on.)

I went to the church Christmas party with my mom last night. There was a rowdy little shepherd in the nativity. Cutest little kid...I kept waiting for him to knock the whole thing down with his "staff" that was doubling as a horse. I would have died laughing if it had happened.

I made an early morning Toys-R-Us run with my mom today after Liz called to ask if she would go look for a zhu-zhu pet that she wanted picked up. (For those that don't know, Zhu Zhu Pets are *The Must Have Toy of Christmas 2009*.) And when I say early, I mean around 7AM. I had been awake since just before 6AM and was full of energy and ready to go-go-go!

After the toy store, I headed over to my local AMC Theater to check out "Did you hear about the Morgans?". I adore both Sarah Jessica Parker & Hugh Grant...the movie was cute. Pretty predictable, but cute. It was a good matinee.

The news of Brittany Murphy's death was very sad today. I loved her in "Clueless" and "Uptown Girls". Very sad death. The rumors are swirling, of course, as the media begins the feeding frenzy on getting all the "dirt" they can to sell their stories. Disgusting.


Lesli said...

I thought Have You Heard About the Morgans was cute. We saw it on Sat. nite. Predictably, my husband hated it....because he said it was predictable. Which I never get....because who cares if a movie is predictable? Life is unpredictable enough. Does a movie have to be too?

Love SJP and Hugh Grant so I wanted to support them and their movie. I don't know why they are getting so many bad review. It was a cute movie & an enjoyable way to pass a couple of hours.

Michelle said...

I liked the movie, I did. It wasn't the best movie either did, but it was definitely not the worst. I love them both as well and thought they worked so well together.

I don't know why it is getting so many bad reviews, either, other than it appears shoved in with a bunch of big movies that are out??

And I learned what to do (and not to do) if a bear attacks. :)

Kristie Wendland said...

I want to see that movie but I think I picked the movie last time and my husband wants to go see Avatar. So sad about Brittany Murphy. I read that she had 3 or 4 movies in post production so maybe we will get to see her in a few more films if and when they are released.

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