Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas break coming to a close

Whew!! Christmas break is always exhausting! It is so much frenzy to lead up to the one big day. Christmas Day is filled with much adrenaline and festive making. The day after Christmas, if you are like me, is a SHOPPING day! (YAY!) And then it is just over...done...for one more year. I want to hibernate, but I can't. Not only am I back to work tomorrow, but I need to do some winter cleaning to make room for the new stuff.

I can't believe that all the stores are already putting out the Valentines stuff! The holidays rush by! However I did see these cute stamps for Love Day and I am going to buy them:

Less than a week left in 2009! I have been doing a lot of reflecting on the year and preparing for the new one. It's going to be a good one, I can feel it!


Kristie Wendland said...

Wow! Valentines Day stuff already?

Lindsay said...

those stamps are adorable!! I'm still recovering from Christmas, I can't think that far ahead to V-day yet! ugh!

Michelle said...

I was looking at Christmas stamps and saw those kitties, thus thinking of Valentines Day.

Kohl's had a Valentines display up yesterday. (Some cute, cute stuff.) And then JoAnn's not only had the Valentines Day stuff out, but they had the St. Patrick's Day decorations out as well! That is just rushing the year too fast for me. I can't stand my holidays being squished together.

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