Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Hump Day of '09!

This week is slowly progressing. Mainly because it is year end at work so we are doing everything manually and we don't have a lot of invoices coming in as it is because of the holiday. Boo!

What does everyone have planned for tomorrow to ring in 2010? Big parties? Staying home and watching Dick Clark?

Do you have resolutions ready to go?


Kristie said...

I plan on ringing in the new year on my sofa with either Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest. Alan and I will most likely go to Texas Land and Cattle Restaurant and have a steak and some lobster. We've done that the past 3 years. But we will be home by 7 probably. I'm totally scared to be on the road with the nuts.
As far as resolutions are concerned... I want to finish writing my first novel and try to get publishing underway. What do you have planned? And what are your resolutions if any?

Lesli said...

We are staying home. Not big on New Years Eve & going out and getting drunk (anymore). Am officially grown up!!

I just found out that Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin are doing a New Years Eve show on CNN so I am going to watch that.

Will be working on my year-end recap on my blog and drawing a winner for my giveaway.

Happy New Year, Michelle!

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