Monday, September 7, 2009

Where is Fall when you need it?

I love scarves! I look forward to the seasons changing from sweltering Summer to mild Fall/Winter just for the fact that I can wear my scarves.

Of course, it might help if I lived somewhere that really required me to bundle up.

These are just the few that I have accumulated in the last year...(Other than the one draped over the hanger, my Aunt Faye made that one for me a couple of years ago and is the main stay of my scarves...the rest are in a box in my storage shed.)

I can't wait for the temperature to dip so I can wrap one around my neck.


Liz said...

give it til mid-Dec/Jan and come on over here.. you'll have plenty of need for those wrapped around your neck ;)

Leslie said...

I completely agree! I am so eager for fall weather!

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