Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gratitude Day 17/365 (9/5/09)

1. Special K w/ Strawberries.
2. Finally get accolades for the event that Shelley and I put together for Lisa LoCicero during the GH FCW.

3. Waking up to a storm brewing outside.
4. Holiday weekend.
5. Lazy days!

Gratitude Day 16/365 (9/4/09)

1. Fun lunch with a couple of the girls at work...just gossiping.
2. Nikki's emails that challenge my mind to be creative.
3. Sex and the City reruns.
4. Quiet.
5. Laughing over how HORRIBLY bad Jessica Simpson is as an actress. This "Private Valentine" movie is a cheap (and I mean CHEAP) rip off of "Private Benjamin.

1 comment:

Lisa Sullivan said...

JUST saw the mention of thanks & recognition for all the hard work you put into Lisa's inaugural event (I like her, btw!). Good for you, Girl! are such an amazing, giving person. Keep doin' what you do and God will bless you more times than you can count!

HUGS & luvs to you...(the other) Lisa :)

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