Monday, August 31, 2009

Gratitude Day 15/365

1. I survived Monday!
2. And I survived month end! Yikes, but it was a crazy day!
3. Yurt talk always makes me laugh.
4. The Incirlik Hodja's reunion dates are being finalized for 2010 in Orlando!
5. Come on, you know this is a's Monday, thus it is SHELDON MONDAY! Yep, Big Bang Theory!

(I actually did Sunday's but forgot to post it as I was still working on #5.)

Gratitude Day 14/365

1. The Turtle song as wonderfully sung by Allie.
2. Wyler's Authentic Italian Ices. So perfect!

3. Daytime Emmys twitter chat with Georgette, Shelley, Crash, and Nikki.
4. Tamara Braun finally winning her daytime Emmy.

5. An exciting new venture that was presented to me.


Liz said...

are you eating my Italian Ics's I left there?!?!!? lol I need to go hunt some out here. They are just plain awesome!

Michelle said...

Yep, that is exactly what I'm eating! And Mom bought another box that is sitting on the cupboard.

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