Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday and Gratitude!

It's my birthday today.
There are three days out of the year that have me spend time for the in depth soul searching reflection -- New Years Day when I make resolutions and goals; Thanksgiving when I post what I am thankful for; and my birthday when I look over how my year has gone since the last birthday.

I think the one thing that I really need to focus on more is those things that I am grateful for in life. The uber lovely Lesli at Pretty Random Thoughts has been doing 365 Days of Gratitude and I'm going to do it as well starting tonight. For 365 days you list five things that you are grateful for each day. They can be life changing things or simple things such as the color of fingernail polish...whatever makes you grateful that day to simply be in the moment of life. (Check here for more info on this project.)

I hope some of you will join in on it. :)


Lesli said...

Michelle, Happy Birthday!! (I meant to send you a greeting on Facebook!). Anyhow thank you for doing this gratitude thing, too. It actually gets kinda hard to keep up. Not hard to think of things....but hard to remember to post gratitude every day. I end up having to play catch up and do like 10 days worth!

Hope you had a fantastical, splendid birthday!!

p.s. Your cat looks a lot like our cat, Baxter! I will have to send you a picture!

Michelle said...

awww! Definitely send a picture of Baxter. :)

I think it will be hard to post everyday...I will probably end up doing like and posting 10 days worth at once. But, I'm going to try!! :)

Birthday was fabulous, thank you for your wishes!!

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