Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I have learned in life

I actually wrote this for something else, but I liked them and wanted to share them:

*Please note, it is my life only that I'm talking about. Things I have learned or observed. Though if you learned or observed the same lesson, then yay for us! We are cool peeps!*

Life is not always going to be perfect. Sometimes you are going to have to go through the dark times in order to see the light.

The toughest person to like is yourself, but you are all you have so you need learn to accept, embrace, and love yourself.

It is okay to be mad at your family, but do not get so mad that you forget to love them.

Never get so set in your ways that you are blind to another’s.

It is okay if you need to cry over something petty.

Sometimes you lose.

No matter your political views, there is still a solider in another country fighting for your rights. Respect that.

Sometimes a friendship ends. It is not always the fault of either of you, it just happens that way. Remember the good times and move on with life.

Holding a grudge gets you nowhere in the end, but angry.

That person that you idolize is not always worthy of you.

Not everyone is going to like you. It is a fact of life. It does not mean you are any less of a person for it.

It is perfectly normal to get angry with your friends sometimes, it works both ways. Just remember that they are your friends in the end.

When you preach that you don't lie, make sure that you aren't getting caught up in your own lie.

The only person that can make the steps towards change in your life is you.

There is nothing wrong with being a daydreamer.

Being a fan girl is an okay thing to be.

Never lose your sense of humor.

And always have the ability to laugh at yourself and learn to take a joke.

There is nothing wrong with going to the movies alone.

Never stop learning.

Believe in yourself and your ability to follow your dreams.

Wander whenever you can. You never know where your path is going to lead you and what adventures you may have.

Don't become so jaded that your heart shuts off.

It is okay to not be friends with your co-workers, it is okay to dislike them as long as you can professionally work with them.

There are people that are just not nice or worth your time.

Don't put anyone on a pedestal. Their fall is far and you hurt yourself.

If someone smiles at you, smile back. You may make their day...and you may make your own day.

There are people that are just ugly on the inside, don't beat yourself up trying to change them.

Wake up each morning and remind yourself of what you have to be thankful for, don't let yourself feel it is ever worthless or hopeless.

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Lesli said...

This is a great list!! You are a wise girl. I love lists, by the way.

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