Sunday, April 5, 2009

Academy of Country Music awards

How many awards shows can they put out there?
And could Billy Ray Cyrus promote himself any more than he did?? Sheesh!
But I want to talk about Carrie Underwood and her lava dress...What the heck! It was swallowing her!

I much prefer the other two dresses she had on:

It was a big night for Carrie! She definitely deserved Entertainer of the Year! And how about Julianne Hough? I knew she sang but I never heard any of her stuff...guess she must do pretty good. ;) She looked gorgeous.

I'm not a big fan of Nicole Kidman, but she definitely looked glamorous tonight. Her husband, Keith Urban, is just one hot man.

But the best looking man, in my opinion anyway....

He may play the bongos naked while stoned, he may never shower, but Matthew McConaughey just has to smile and I melt.


Audra said...

Roxanna calls him McCaughn-a-hottie. Yeah the dress was swallowing her a bit but I really liked the color.

Michelle said...

The color was was just a bit overwhelming.

McCaughn-a-hottie definitely works for him. :) I can't wait to see his new movie.

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