Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Is anyone watching?

I won't spoil tonight, but I have to talk about last week! The last minute of the show...Sayid shooting young Ben! How does this affect them? If Ben dies then does it mess with their futures? If there is no Ben, there is no one to bring them all to the island? Is this what they are all supposed to be ultimately fixing? Even if there are two more seasons to go, that is. Or will Ben die and the remainder of the show will be spent with them going further back in time to try to prevent the Dharma Initiative from even happening?

So many questions! And the last minute of tonight's episode -- oh my!! I can't wait for next week!!


Jensen Family said...

Hi Michelle, it has been forever since I took time to look at the blogs but now you have my curiosity up with the Marcia Brady story. Thanks alot. Hee Hee

Michelle said...

The book is really good, but Maureen McCormick really was a bit of a mess.

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