Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let me show you my geekdom...

So the big decision for Saturday night for me:
What do I watch:

Star Wars Trilogy or Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
These are my two all time fave trilogies. (I don't count the newer Star Wars movies as I just didn't like them as much...and they don't feature Han Solo.)

Han Solo kinda edges Aragorn out for me. My biggest crush was on Han Solo. And I think Princess Leia is cooler than either Arwen or Eowyn. And Luke Skywalker is cooler than Frodo. But Legolas as a sidekick is cooler than Chewbacca. And the hobbits are cooler than C-3P0, but maybe not as cool as R2-D2.

The lightsaber is clearly a more awesome weapon. Though the Uruk-hai are more intimidating than the Storm Troopers. Sauron and the evil of Mordor is more evil than The Dark Side. And Gandalf and Ben Kenobi are no contest with Gandalf winning. However, Yoda kicks major ass over Gollum.

In the choice of the One Ring an the Force...I had to choose Han Solo. I love me some Star Wars. I fell asleep mid-way through Return of the Jedi and woke up to Star Wars on again. heh!

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