Friday, January 16, 2009


It's been a crazy week, but it is finally Friday! Do you all have plans for the weekend? I'm going to try to start tackling my de-clutter project, as well as the Valentines cards I want to make.

Who else watched "Grey's Anatomy" last night? We can discuss in the comments to avoid spoilers. Did I ever tell you that I have been to Seattle Grace?

Heh! When I went to visit the set of "General Hospital" we wandered around the lot since both shows tape in the same studio. We only saw The Chief, no McSteamy for me that day. *sighs*

Anyway, last night's GA was just all kinds of good. The first two seasons of "Grey's" were so amazing, it was that show that I could count on to give me quality entertainment. Then seasons three and four happened and I was very dissatisfied with the show and only gave it half of my attention. Season five has gotten back on track and oh my! It is the "do not disturb my tv viewing" show for me.

Any tv shows that you have that are on that level for you? The show that you want complete silence and heaven help the person who disturbs you.

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