Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Be Unique...No fear!

So I missed last week's post of who or what I am thankful for. =\ Sometimes I am forgetful on posting. But I have this week's!

I am thankful for one of the most inspirational women that I know -- Yeniffer. She has had complete faith in me since I met her last year. From the first time we chatted to the last text I had from her she has always been in my corner. There is something about her when you meet her that just draws you in to the energy that she radiates. Her heart is always open and she embraces everyone in her world. As was evidenced the first time we met face to face at a cute little diner in Los Angeles named Jinkys...from the time she invited my mom and I come to visit her on a movie set...to coming to see me while I was in CA on vacation even though she was sick and had a million things to get done. Her positivity makes her utterly special and I am blessed to know her.

(photo courtesy of Shelley Brown)

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