Wednesday, January 14, 2009

National De-Lurking week!!

According to Laura at Smileygirl it is National De-Lurking week! So I de-lurked over on her adorable blog and said hello! Now it is your turn...if you are reading this and just lurking, then how about giving a little shout out and saying hi! I don't bite...hard. And Tyson...well, he is featured heavily here, but he is really quite humorous to talk about. And we can talk about anything from trashy reality tv (Oh my! The skanks on "Rock of Love Bus" are NUTS!) to cooking to the latest book I'm reading to traveling.

So we know how much I like structure on my little blog, but I think Sunday is a mess. I have so many quotes that I want to put up, but the perfectionist in me is so anal about it that I just can't do it until everything is awesome. Which gives me a headache in the end.

So my new thought is this:
You decide Sunday
You can leave me comments all week leading up to Sunday or you can drop me an email at and tell me what you want to talk about on Sunday. I will do my best to answer all.

We'll see how this works out.


Liz said...

ok fine!! I am going to de-lurk..I want excitement.. LOTS of it!! Bring it on!!! lol

Sorry had to do it!

srsly w/ Jeremy moving back in.. he needs to post some of his exciting stories

Michelle said...

Jeremy posting is a scary, scary thought. His stories would cause mass chaos!

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