Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today I am thinking about running away.

I am having one of those “I think I should run away” type of days.

It isn’t that anything is going bad, it just isn’t *going* in general.

I don’t want to run away and join the circus. Because this is not what a clown truly is:

(At this point I really had planned to put a picture of what I envision when I think of a clown. But when I googled and their ugly faces popped up, I got the heebies and the jeebies. Even the cute clowns had me twitching.)

I could go to the South Pole and study penguins.

I could move to Mongolia and live in a yurt (because that word is fun to say) and breed yaks.

Maybe I could go live in Cinderella’s castle at Disney World?

Or maybe I should convince Dwayne Johnson that we are soul mates?

Maybe I just need a road trip…

(Or maybe I just need a nap so Miss Cranky Pants can stop sulking around.)


Anonymous said...

1. I am a big fan of naps

2. I often think of packing up Dash in RV and go to every monument and state park in the country.

3. I ran away to New Orleans, best decision ever.

Michelle said...

1. I am also a big fan of naps, but they mess up my sleep schedule. I suffer from frequent insomnia so I try not to disrupt the sleepy time as much as possible.

2. I want to visit the biggest ball of twine in the US. :)

3. New Orleans would be an interesting place to run away to.

Liz said...

naps are always a bonus...and I am about to take one myself.....if K would just give in and take one too.

You could always run away and road trip it to Pensacola, Fl... I hear there's some cool ppl there and it's really fun ;)

and my word verification word: Motivate :) love it

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