Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Be warned…my geekiness is about to explode!

In 35 days I am going to be getting up before the sun and heading off to San Diego to go to the annual “nerdvana”…Comic Con! Now the mere fact that “The Big Bang Theory” is going to be there doing a panel and autograph signing was enough for me. Of course, I knew there was more to come. Most movie studios and TV networks have not actually released their full schedule of Comic Con attendees. Then it happened. On Sunday, Jon Favreau announced he was bringing the world premiere of “Cowboys & Aliens” to Comic Con. He is bringing his cast to Comic Con. He is bringing Harrison Ford to Comic Con!!

Okay, do I need to retell the story of the fact I snuck into see “Star Wars” when I was 5 years old and saw Han Solo and wanted to marry him? I have carried that crush since I was five years old. And he will be in the same vicinity as me! The chance of meeting him is slim, of course, but I am going to be focusing all energies on that happening. After I did a mini-freak out/happy dance (it resembles the Snoopy dance of glee), I instantly text two people that would get it. Jo replied that she thought of me as soon as she saw that and that she will be proud if she hears reports of someone molesting him at the premiere. Kent replied with a hilarious anecdote and request that I tell her immediately if I meet him.

I will either turn mute or word vomit is going to happen and I’m going to babble like a lunatic. Ya know, either telling him that I have loved him since I was 5 years old (why not make him feel old) or that I even sat through his crappy movies because he was in them. Good times are coming up!

(No, No, I am not calling the Indiana Jones series crappy movies...after I saw Indiana Jones, I decided I would marry him instead of Han Solo.)

My other favorite movies, Lord of the Rings, are currently going through a re-release for the next 3 weeks in select theaters. It is the extended cuts, all digitally remastered (for blu-ray release), and in all their epic glory! Last night was “Fellowship of the Rings” and it just renewed my love for these movies. The beautiful scenery, the imaginative story telling, the incredibly talented cast, the sweeping musical score…I could go on and on about it.

And an interesting side note…there were probably 40 nuns in the theater last night. I know they get out and do things, I think it was the sheer number of them that shocked me. As I said – maybe they were not really nuns, but came in costume? Did they misunderstand the request to dress as HOBBITS, not in HABITS? I had to go to the bathroom and left about 5 minutes before the movie ended so I missed them leaving or I would have been snapping pictures. If they are there next Tuesday for “The Two Towers”, I will get a picture of them.

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