Saturday, May 1, 2010

One, Two Freddy's Coming for you...

I went to "Nightmare on Elm Street" today. For those that don't know, I don't like horror movies. I will stop and watch horror movies on TV from the safety of my home, of course. It is something about the gory carnage that leaves me sitting there, remote in hand, mouth open, eyes bugging out in horror. It is all morbid curiosity. I do not, however, dig going to the movies in a theater. A good psychological thriller is good times for me, but not the horror movie just for the sake of the gore. I agreed to go check out the movie with Paula, however, and kept my word.

Now Freddy Krueger is actually the horror movie villain that I liked. I did really enjoy the original Nightmare movie. And I thought Robert Englund was perfect as the scarred Freddy. Oh and Johnny Depp was in the original and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

For those that have seen the original, the remake is pretty identical in the creepy factor. But this movie was horrible. At twenty minutes, I was looking at my phone to see what time it was. The last forty minutes of the movie I was going over the grocery/shopping list in my head and wishing it would just end.

The original Freddy was creepy. He had a few lines, usually very sarcastically said, and he relied on the glove of razors to intimidate. The remake Freddy talked too much. He performed monologues. I wanted him to shut up. I just kept looking at his scarred face and thinking he looked like The Mummy from the movie of the same name. (Brendan Fraser version with the oh so sexy Oded Fehr.)

Such a boring movie! I was so sad to have wasted money on it. was a good thing I didn't go to an off track betting place to gamble on the Derby today. Paddy O Prado came in third but didn't pay diddly. That was an amazing race! Super Saver came from 7th place, racing on a horribly muddy track, and won it all. Incredible. Next year I need to be there to witness this in person, wearing a big hat and all!


Lindsay said...

wow I was wondering if that movie was going to be any good, we almost went and saw it this weekend. Now.. I'm not lol.

Michelle said...

If you liked the original, this is a poor remake with almost identical killings done to better special effects.

And again, Freddy just talks to much. It was annoying as he was describing what he was going to do.

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