Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just a little oddity...

My morning DJ's amuse me with their odd quirks. One of them is full of so many oddities that I think he is someone that I would throttle if I was his friend. As he sat there listing all his "OCD/quirks" this morning, the other DJ asked people to call in with their equally bizarre quirks as he realized he has none and wants to "shop" for something quirky to do.

Which made me think of the quirks I have, a few are as follows:

I can not stand sleeping with socks on. But beyond that, I don’t want anything touching my feet when I sleep unless it is bitterly cold and even then it is uncomfortable to me. In particular, my right foot has to be out from under the sheet.

When I eat pizza, I pick the toppings off and pile them to the side (cheese and all) and eat the crust first and then go back and eat the rest. (I actually do this with a lot of foods. Such as last night, I ate the noodles out of the casserole first, then the chicken.)

I also eat in rotation, vegetables are always ate first as I don’t want them to touch the rest of my food.

The toilet paper has to be on the roll with pulling side over. I used to change the toilet paper at work so it would be the way I wanted it to be.

I can not sleep in a quiet room. I need the radio on all night just for the background noise.

How about you? What are some of your oddities?

1 comment:

Lesli said...

I hate eating with metal forks because I hate when the metal touches my teeth. But I will use them in restaurants. BUT at home I have a supply of plastic forks!

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