Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy, Happy!

I was asked this week how it is possible I'm always in a happy, positive place. Anyone that knows me knows that is the furthest thing from the truth. I struggle through a lot of dark and negative places on a frequent basis. I just choose not to show it to the general public because it isn't something that everyone needs to deal with. Instead I look for inspiration to steer me in the right direction. And I have a whole blog on that subject alone, inspiration. But I thought for tonight I would just drop some links to some of the places that I turn to for inspiration on the webs.

The Official Not Salmon Blog by Karen Salmansohn. Karen writes some fabulous (and funny) "self help" books including the wonderful "The Bounce Back Book".

"The official site of "The Secret". This book is amazing...I'm on the third round of reading it.

Zen Habits. Some truly gifted writing.

Marci Shimoff's Twitter. She always has the best quotes on her tweet feed.

Live Creative: Christine Kane's website. I get her emailed updates and find myself saving most of them as they are wonderful.

Rev Run Wisdom. Run (from the rap group Run-DMC and a motivational speaker/reverend) offers quotes about positivity.

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Leslie said...

I had to stop and think, "Huh? Always in a happy place?!" Then I read on and thought, "OOooooh...." I think you do definitely come off in general differently than those of us who really know you see you.... but I'm certain we all do. I KNOW I do, and to that end, that's another way we can relate!

I love you.

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