Saturday, February 6, 2010

Yay for the weekend!

Today just flew by! I woke up around 5:30AM and lay there for a bit before picking up a book, hoping it would make me fall asleep. Didn't happen. So I got up and turned the computer and the TV on. Let me just say there are some stupid cartoons on for Saturday Morning TV now. I remember when I was little planning the first couple hours of a Saturday around what cartoons were on and they were always entertaining. Now? Crap! If you can find them, that is.

Molly had an appointment to be groomed today so I took that opportunity to go to lunch with my mom. My friend, Wendy, had been urging me to try out Culver's for their cheese curds. I had a mushroom, swiss burger with crinkle cut fries and got a side of cheese curds to share. The mushrooms were very few and the burger was okay. (I think that Carl's Jr. is better.) The cheese curds, however, were fabulous! The ice cream looked delish, but I didn't have any. (Instead I craved it the rest of the day/night.)

I made the trip over to my AMC to check out "From Paris With Love". I had a huge crush on John Travolta back in the day...Danny Zuko was IT! It was a typical shoot-em-up movie, but oh my is Jonathan Rhys Meyers pretty to look at!

Tomorrow is the typical laundry in the morning, then I'm off for Mexican food & Margaritas with Paula before settling in to watch some football! At some point before meeting Paula, I guess I better go to Toys-R-Us to get my absolutely adorable nephew's birthday present bought...and to pick up what I need to make a brownie pie for dessert tomorrow. Because...Monday, the "no spending for a week" goes into effect!!

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