Monday, February 8, 2010

Money Free Monday

The bad thing about not being able to spend any money this week isn't the fact that I *can't* spend money, it is the fact that my mind is obsessed with spending money. It is like a resolution, it is meant to be broke! I didn't spend a dime today, though.

I had an inquiry back on an application I sent out for a job this morning, asking if I would be interested in relocating. Hmmm...depends on the location! Such as I am not interested in moving to the middle of nowhere with ten feet of snow. I need a move theater, a GOOD grocery store, a book store, and a Target.

I baked yesterday.

Brownie pie. Turned out pretty good, a little rich so you definitely only want one small piece. Now I have to decide what is next on the baking agenda.

A short and sweet update...not much going on today other than the fact I survived Monday and "The Big Bang Theory" is on tonight.


Lesli said...

Yummy brownie pie!

No spending--you can do it! I actually did it for 8 days and it looks like I will be doing it for 9 days since my pedicure got canceled!

Kristie said...

Thank you so much for the valentine card Michelle! You are so sweet, and I loved the sticker. Did you know I collect stickers? That was perfect for me.

Lesli said...

Stop by my blog - I gave you an award!

Kristie said...

Oh wow, I would love to go to the daytime emmys. My favorite soap is Bold and the Beautiful.

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