Sunday, February 28, 2010

My peeves need pet

Two of my lovely blogger friends, Lindsay and Kristie, posted their pet peeves the other day so I thought I would share mine.

* Invading my personal space. If I don't know you, the last thing I want is you to touch me in any way. Don't tap my shoulder, don't touch my arm, don't stand close to me. Stay away!

* The toilet paper being on the roll so it rolls out under. Drives me nuts.

* When there are NINE empty stalls in the bathroom, I get all uppity when someone sits in the stall next to me.

* Ignorance. There is no need for it.

* Intolerance.

* Obsessive behavior. I know quite a few people that are very obsessive to the point of that is all their life is. It disturbs me greatly.

* Having to wait a whole year in between Stephanie Plum books! Boo!!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I fin these posts so interesting, especially when I realize more than half of someones pet peeves are my own as well LOL :) Thanks for linking me up. I can not stand when people I dont know touch me or my kids, drives me crazy!!!

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