Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gratitude Day 67/365

1. Delicious lunch of potato soup at Paradise Bakery with my mom. Yumm!
2. Yummy holiday scents at Bath & Body Works
3. Frustrated cashier at Hobby Lobby giving me 50% off everything I bought today, regardless if it was on sale or not. Score!
4. Snowmen Christmas lights for my tree.
5. Christmas shopping is underway.

And it is obviously holiday time out there. Kohl's and Hobby Lobby were packed and long lines were endured. (I got a little light headed in Kohl's this morning...the store was a bit warm and I just suddenly felt dizzy.) But I'm on my way to finishing up my Christmas shopping. I want it done and over with so the rest of the season can be enjoyed.

And really there is something that just makes you smile when you hear Christmas music. 99.9 KESZ is playing their 24 hours of Christmas music and it just puts me in a great mood, ready to get some holly & jolly on!

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