Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things that both amuse & make me happy.

I thought it was time to do a list of things that make me happy. Seeing a listed reminder of that which makes me happy usually puts the week in a better light for me.

* The cinema! Seriously the best way to beat the summer heat of Phoenix.
* "GUESS WHAT???" As excitedly asked by my adorable nephew, Curtiss, and sweetie pie niece, Allie. That is their favorite saying.
* Upcoming trip to CA in July.
* Tyson headbutting me to pet him because he is so desperate in that moment to get his ears scratched.
* Veggie chips from Fresh & Easy Market, my favorite place to grocery shop lately.
* Fresh summer flowers in their bright colors.
* My awesome friends that are always there no matter what.
* VH-1 reality TV. Love it for all of it's train wreck goodness!
* Strawberry frozen fruit bars from Dole. It is a love thing!
* Mi familia, both immediate and extended.
* A good song on the radio that brings memories to me.


Lesli said...

Michelle, this was an awesome list. I am going to make one, too, as I love lists! Have a great week!

Rowberry Family said...

that was fun to read!GREAT list!

Orelinde_03 said...

Very well thought out! I love a good car radio song too.

What about yellow H2's? Do they make you happy? I saw one on Saturday when we passed ways and almost text you 'OMG the love machine'.

It did bring a huge smile to my face.

I should amke a 'happy' list too.

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