Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting my Greek on!

A couple of months ago I saw a cute trailer for a little movie that was coming out this summer. In the midst of all the big summer blockbusters, this little movie is going to be lost in the shuffle, I'm sure. But I am a big fan of the star so I popped into my favorite AMC theater after work to take in "My Life in Ruins" starring Nia Vardalos. Nia starred in one of my fave movies, another little indie film that became a blockbuster. Of course, I am talking about "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

This movie was just absolutely charming. It is going to get lost in the shuffle of the other two movies opening this weekend, "Land of the Lost" and "The Hangover", both of which I plan to see this weekend as well. I was the only person in the theater seeing this movie until about 20 minutes in when two ladies came in and sat down. BUT I thought it was a great movie. You have a mix of characters that are all quirky in their own right. You have the wise man that gets through to the heroine, played by Richard Dreyfuss. You have the too good to be true leading man. And then you have my favorite of the heroines. Georgia (Nia Vardalos) moved to Greece to hope to teach at the University there. She ended up taking a job that she didn't like and is floundering because she is blind to life and to what direction her dreams are taking her. Through many mishaps and a little guidance from said wise man, Georgia stops to look at life as an adventure, not a job.

The message of the movie was just that -- Don't plan life, let life happen. And I really think that so often we all forget that. We are so busy trying to make sure that everything is perfect that we get caught up in all the planning of it and life rushes by while that is happening. You always know what your job is, but you don't know what the next adventure is going to be or where it is going to lead you. Maybe you need to just let it happen and enjoy the ride that it takes you on.

I definitely recommend the movie. I think you will enjoy it. And the scenery -- GORGEOUS!!! Greece has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And the history is so amazing.

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