Sunday, June 14, 2009

The List

I've talked about this book before, "The List: 100 ways to shake up your life" by Gail Belsky and last night went back to it, reading through it. Some of the ideas in there are a little over the top and some of them I would never be able to do (hello, hydrophobia means I am not diving into any body of water) but the overall feel of the book is to shake up your life. Do something "crazy", do something that you have never thought you would have the courage to do or that you never actually thought about doing. It doesn't matter how silly you may think someone else will find it to be, if it is a challenge to you and something you want to do, then you should do it.

I know I have quite a few things on my list that I want to accomplish and while I am sure some people are going to give me that "what is wrong with your head" look, I think that if it is something that I want to do, I should do it.

What would you have on your "list"? What is that one wild thing that you want to do?

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