Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Potty Talk!


Have you all seen this toilet?

I mean, seriously, folks, it is remote controlled. That is pretty awesome to me.

Let’s face it, if I had this toilet in my bathroom I would never leave. It plays music for you.

Holy crap. Again, literally. With a $6,400 price tag it better come equipped with gold flecked toilet paper.

If you feel inclined to buy yourself one, Kohler Numi. And while you are at it, please buy one for me as well!

(I'll be back later hopefully with some geek talk and a general update.)

1 comment:

Liz said...

we got to 'enjoy' the best toilets ever in Japan. They had some w/ lil buttons to push that played this dumb tune so nobody else could hear you 'taking care of business', there were buttons on some that I could tell you I have NO IDEA WTH they did and being as the labels were in japanese I never dared push them lol... the best were the heated toilet seats! ahh being pregnant w/ Kayleigh those were the best at dr appts when the bathrooms were freezing cold b/c they left windows open in the bathroom for whatever reason. :) Just thought you'd like to know that lol

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