Friday, June 11, 2010

Pet Peeves

It has been one of *those* weeks so let me throw a few pet peeves out there.

If you want to train me to do something (that I have been very vocal about not wanting to do, for the record) then train me fully. Don’t just toss me out there with an “I’m sure you will figure it out”. Guess what? I may be able to figure it out but now I’m resenting it and don’t want to figure it out.

Also work related – if you spend all your time complaining about how everyone treats you unfairly and is “plotting” against you, eventually you are going to find that everyone is sick of you and just stops caring what your problem is.

You know I hate when you stalk around, flicking at me with that stupid tail of yours. You know I hate when you pace up and down the length of the bed at 3AM, meowing because you think you need a treat or you are going to die a horrible, starving death. So why do you do it every night? It results in me yelling at you and then you running down the stairs and “yelling” (meowing obnoxiously loud) back up at me. Oh yeah, that was directed to Tyson.

Friendship is a two way street. One person shouldn’t have to be the one that carries the friendship, reaches out and keeps contact going, and takes all initiative. When I get emails or comments that you wonder why I have not said anything all week, maybe it is because I am tired of being the only one keeping things going. When you tell me you miss me and don’t have a clue what is going on in my life, it is because I have stopped sharing with you because you have not shown interest.

And the biggest annoyance of all this week to me…the BP Oil Spill!! It makes my heart hurt every time they show pictures of the animals that are washing to shore covered in the oil and knowing that most will not live.


Kristie said...

Michelle, I agree completely with the friendship pet peeve of yours. It hurts my feelings when I feel I'm giving 100% and only getting 10% back. I know that sometimes people just get busy, I know I get involved with my writing and I shut everyone out (except my daily 80s dose) haha.
The work complainers...geez...I have been there. That's one advantage of working at home. :)

Michelle said...

Haha! I would love to work at home. ;)

The sad thing with friendship is I do get people are busy and when I know you are busy with things (such as work, family, etc...) that is understandable that you are quiet. It is when you have time for everyone else and then after silence for a couple of weeks send me an email that says "I miss you, you never tell me anything going on with you anymore", I get upset. Because I try to take a few minutes regardless of what is going to check on people, I guess I expect too much out of people? :)

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