Monday, June 28, 2010

And the Emmy goes to...

Last night the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards aired live from Las Vegas. I love the daytime genre, I love my soap operas. However, the awards show was just a great big disappointment. I get what they were trying to do -- have it in Vegas, feature Vegas show stuff (The Lion King, The Blue Man Group, and Cirque De Soleil) and hopefully draw in many more viewers with the "spectacle" of Vegas. Here is the problem -- you forgot the soap fans. There was no red carpet. Errol at Soap Opera Network, bless him, tried to do a live streaming red carpet show on the internet but it kept going down. Regis Philbin was like a dead fish. The tribute to Dick Clark, while touching, was too long. They didn't show clips of the submitted reels by the nominees so you would see a bit of the acting, instead showing a choppy blip of a scene with their name and network below. The voice over that did the announcing of the nominees was very abrupt and disconnected. There was no "In Memory Of" montage for the actors that were lost this past year. "As The World Turns", which is being canceled after 50 years on TV, had a minute long montage to tell them farewell. And there was a 30 second clip for each show that was nominated for best show. All around, just a big disappointment.

But there was fashion!!!

Julie Pinson was absolutely beautiful in fuchsia!

Denise Vasi had on one of my fave gowns. I loved the colors and I LOVE the shoes!!

Michael Easton looked HOT!

Am not quite sure about Melissa Archer's was definitely of the Vegas show variety. (I was just hoping she wouldn't jump up or bend over...she would have been showing the goods to the world.)

Lisa LoCicero was stunning and one of the two that has my vote for best dressed.

Brandon Barash's tie was awesome! He was looking sexy.

Sarah Brown's dress was great, but she just looked a little pale all together.

Michelle Stafford also went for the brazen Vegas theme. Her dress was better than Melissa Archer's.

A simple black dress, but eeeep! It is Brenda Barrett! I can't wait for Vanessa Marcil to return to "General Hospital"!!

Kelly Monaco was lovely, as usual. Jonathan Jackson looks like he is 12. :)

Ricky Paull Goldin (w/ Chrishell Stause) is just hot! Sexy! My fave guy of the night!

and in the WTF was she thinking category:

Marie Osmond stands alone in the worst dressed!


Lisa Sullivan said...

Thank you for this! You hit the nail on the head and I couldn't agree more on all of it. Seriously.

Great post!

Kristie said...

Dude! This show was horrible! These daytime awards shows are going from bad to worse. I was very let down about the fact that they only gave As the World Turns a 20 second send off. What the hell? I did tear up when Dick Clark started crying though. And I was happy that Bold and the Beautiful took home the best show for the second year in a row.

Michelle said...

Lisa, it was just sad. And the man that put the show together obviously felt that even though they lost to the FOX Cartoon Domination RERUNS, the .4% jump was enough to warrant trying again next year. While I'm glad they want to try to air the awards again, they need to get back to the basics of what the daytime awards are for -- daytime television. Not the CW and their actors promoting their shows. And not to promote what is happening in Vegas.

Michelle said...

Kristie, I don't watch Bold & the Beautiful but from all I have heard it was definitely well deserved. (Heaven knows my General Hospital didn't deserve it!) It was just all around insulting what they did to As the World Turns. Guiding Light got a proper send off last year.

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