Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time Suck!

Facebook. Twitter. Blogger. Live Journal.

These are total time sucks for me. I can say I'm only going to be on line for a couple of minutes but go to any of these places and I guarantee a good hour can pass without me even noticing it because I'm so busy clicking on links and reading. I love it, though. It keeps me connected to my family & friends. I have started to drift from the message boards, which is fine as those are another time suck. I love that over the last couple of weeks numerous high school friends and family members have formed a bit of reconnect over on Facebook. It reminds me of how blessed I am to have some truly amazing people in my life.

I tried to put some structure to my blog as I thought maybe it would help me post daily if I had something that I was thinking of doing. But I think that structuring the blog just doesn't work well for me...I think a more free-for-all blogging is going to be happening. I do have to warn everyone that I do talk a lot about movies, music, television, and celebrity. It is who I am. I have a paper journal where I record my thoughts and feelings...This blog will probably get some of the same as well.

So now my big news...I got a new job!! *snoopy dancing ensues*

I start my job on March 17th, the day after I return from my quick CA vacation with Mala. I'm going to be doing data entry/ A/P for a large corporate type construction company. This company is the largest construction company in the world and they are thankfully not having financial difficulties. I have not told my current job yet and will only give them a weeks notice, even though I will not be there for three of the days. I feel bad giving them such little notice, but then again, we really have nothing to do and they are scrambling to find work for us. I look at it this way -- I am saving someone's job by leaving because it is coming soon over there, the need to lay another person off. Nontheless, I am so excited for this new job opportunity and can not wait to get settled in to the new job.

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Jensen Family said...

Glad you found aother job. Good luck and happy vacation.

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