Monday, October 10, 2011

Island Time!

After working my morning away on a Saturday, I was in need of a little “island get-away”. And Hula’s Modern Tiki was just the place! I don’t remember where I had heard about this restaurant from, but have been dying to try it for a couple of weeks. It does not disappoint!

The décor is very Hawaiian and fun. As you can see from the awesome Tiki statues that lined the shelves above the tables. I wanted to take one home with me, in fact. (Cue images of “The Brady Bunch” in Hawaii and Oliver, the Tiki God, they had to return.)

One thing to be careful of is the time you are there. On Saturday and Sundays they only serve brunch, a very limited menu, from 10:30AM – ???. I ended up choosing the Kona coffee battered French toast with apple and plantain compote, bacon, and a side of scrambled eggs. Tina ended up getting a Caesar salad and lobster bisque and Abby had the macaroni and cheese.

Delicious!! For the price ($10 for the French toast and bacon and $1.50 for the eggs) it was a great deal. I had never had a plantain before and while it wasn’t my favorite taste, it was pretty good cooked up with the apples. I had a bite of the lobster bisque as well and that was also pretty tasty. Abby liked her mac and cheese, but she wasn’t overly fond of the truffle oil. She much preferred the Caesar salad as she kept eating from Tina’s.

The only complaint I had with the whole day was the fact that our waitress was extremely slow. After waiting for 20 minutes for her to bring back the check, which time we had NO idea where she had disappeared to, we called for a manager who took care of us.

I am definitely planning to go back, preferably at night so I can try something off of the delicious dinner menu.

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xo Amanda said...

Hey Michelle!

I was trying to get in contact with you about being a book tour, but I couldn't find an e-mail to contact you at.

It's probably right in front of my face! HAHA

Anyway, you can e-mail me at amandasblogtours (at) gmail (dot) com

xo Amanda
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